A recap of the first three episodes of Amazon Prime’s The Boys Season 3

Lauren Gordon

By Lauren Gordon

Lauren Gordon

8 Jun 2022

Spoilers ahead!

The Boys exploded onto Amazon Prime back in 2019, introducing us to a universe where superpowered individuals, known as Supes, are recognized as heroes and marketed as celebrities under a powerful corporation called Vought. 

After the horrific death of his girlfriend, Robin, at the hands of the world’s fastest Supe, A-Train, our protagonist, Hughie, learns the disturbing truth behind Supes, who are arrogant, selfish and corrupt outside of their heroic personas. 

Hughie teams up with hard-ass Cockney vigilante Billy Butcher and his Boys, Frenchie and Mother’s Milk to take down Vought and, more importantly for Billy, Homelander (Vought’s answer to Superman), being under the impression that he killed his wife, Becca.

What can you expect from the show?

A satirical, ultra-violent yet somewhat realistic take on what superheroes would really be like in the world of PRs, social media and celebrity worship. Expect the most disgusting scenes yet, with gory SFX that you didn’t even think was possible for TV from the offset.

A round-up of the first three episodes

Opening with a graphic first kill of the season, we find that Butcher, Frenchie and Kimiko are taking down rouge Supes, under the supervision of Hughie at the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs alongside Victoria Neuman, who was revealed to audiences in Season 2’s cliffhanger ending to be the mysterious head-popping Supe taking down anyone in Vought’s way.

It doesn’t take long for Hughie to find this out, ditching his desires to take Supes down the right way and reuniting with The Boys. 

As Homelander’s god-complex swells and with Vought exploring the idea of a temporary Supe serum (V24) for the military, The Boys track down Payback, a team of Supes from the 80s, to find out how their leader, Soldier Boy, was killed in the hopes of using that method to take down Homelander.

Whether out of curiosity or desperation, Butcher takes V24, inheriting optic blasts and super strength allowing him to interrogate and eventually kill Gunpowder, Soldier Boy’s right hand man, leaving the question, will Butcher use his powers for good or will his new change everything?
The next episode is out this Friday. Watch the episode 4 trailer here.