Aaryan Shah delivers his latest project “The Dark Ages”.

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

4 Nov 2020

Indian, California born R&B artist, Aaryan Shah, has returned with his exciting new project titled “The Dark Ages.”

The immersive and ambient project hears the 20-year-old’s artistic and contemporary take on the fall of Julius Caesar and the heartbreaking chaos ensued after.

“The Dark Ages”, stretching dark and atmospheric hip-hop tinged efforts across 8-tracks; which showcase the extent of Aaryan’s artistry.

An artistry built on the ever-evolving global musical landscape and the influences of many forward-thinking artists, including; Freddie Mercury, Bruno Mars and Billie Eilish. All woven together by his vocal and artistic home – R&B.

Take in the full project, below…