Aaryan Shah has arrived with the ambient new joint “Overdrive.”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

28 Sep 2020

20-year-old California-raised, R&B artist Aaryan Shah has returned with his immersive and ambient track, titled “Overdrive.” 

The track stands as a nocturnal, hip-hop influenced effort that demonstrates the depths of Aaryan’s artistry. An artistry built on the ever-evolving musical landscape; alongside influences by many forward-thinking artists including Freddie Mercury, Bruno Mars and Billie Eilish; all woven together by his vocal and artistic home – R&B.

“Overdrive” is set to feature on Aaryan‘s forthcoming album “The Dark Ages.”

While we wait for The Dark Ages to arrive, why not stream Overdrive below!