AFTV Regular DT Has Prison Sentenced Tripled After Stalking, Kidnapping & Assaulting His Ex

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

17 Jan 2022

Liam Goodenough, AKA Mr. DT has had his prison sentence increased following a referral to the Court of Appeal. ivermectina precio tabletas

Known for his fiery rants on the AFTV YouTube channel – a fan led Arsenal FC centric YouTube channel – Goodenough is said to have stalked, assaulted and kidnapped his former partner whilst she was on a date.

The report on gov.uk reads as follows: “Liam Goodenough, 42, stalked his former partner as she went on a date, jealously sending the victim’s brother messages threatening suicide and demanding to know the location of the victim. Using a tracking feature on her phone, Goodenough drove to the hotel the victim was staying at and verbally abused her, as well as assaulting her companion. He then proceeded to photograph her in a state of undress,”

“Goodenough dragged the victim out of the hotel room to his car, suggesting he had a knife and that her son was in the vehicle. However, when she realised that her son was not in the car she tried to escape. buy ivermectin human A bystander intervened and the victim was able to get out of the car, while Goodenough escaped.”

Originally sentenced on November 5 2021, at Aylesbury Crown Court to 12 months’ imprisonment and a 10 year restraining, the appeal found his original sentence to be unduly lenient and increased it to 3 years.

“Goodenough subjected the victim to a shocking and frightening ordeal,” said Solicitor General, Alex Chalk QC MP at the hearing. specrum pharma ivermectin

“I referred his sentence because I considered it did not reflect the gravity of the offending and was unduly lenient. I am glad that the Court of Appeal agrees.”