Akon Financing Mining Companies In Congo

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

7 Jan 2021

R&B artist turned Capitalist Akon, has been revealed to be apart of an American LLC financing mines in Congo. Akon according to contracts published on the mines ministry website, is the president and CEO of White Waterfall LLC, a private equity fund that invests in mining companies that are not publicly traded.

In one contract, White Waterfall committed to paying a $2 million signing bonus and financing a feasibility study of the Kimono reserve in Haut Katanga province dated December 14 and signed by Akon himself.

The implications of this news illustrate a stark irony to Akon’s previously praised business and philanthropic ventures across Africa such as his $6 billion futuristic city in Senegal, cryptocurrency called Akoin and the Chinese funded Akon Lighting Africa.

Refusing to comment on the news Akon may finally be revealing himself as another opportunist aping as a revolutionary.