Amazon Opens Waiting List For Ring Home Surveillance Drone

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

2 Oct 2021

Amazon announced Tuesday that customers can nowsign up for a waiting list to purchase its in-home surveillance drone. 

Named the “Always Home Cam”, the flying security camera is designed to move around customers’ homes on pre-programmed routes streaming security footage the entire time.

Priced at $249, the futuristic device was announced in September of 2020.

Amazon explained in blog post, “When you’re away, you can just press a button in the Ring app and it will fly a preplanned route and show you what’s going on”.They continued, “It can also be set to do routes based on a triggered event, like flying to a Ring Door Alarm sensor when it’s tripped in Away mode”.

Amazon who purchased Ring, the smart doorbell and camera company in 2018 for $1 billion see the drone as the next stage of the lucrative home security market hoping the beat out competitors including Google with its Nest Aware video recording system and Nest smart doorbell.

This latest offering however has received pushback with critics suggesting companies are fast leading consumers’ comfort levels to its boundaries with such intrusive technology.