Anti-Vaxxers Tried To Shut Down London By Pressing All Pedestrian Crossing Buttons

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

9 Sep 2021

A group of anti-vaccine protestors put their influence to the test encouraging people to create a city wide gridlock by pressing all of London’s pedestrian crossing buttons simultaneously.

Aptly named ‘Push Those Buttons’ the group claim to be “against tyrrany, genocide, vaccine passports and injecting children”.

The event’s organisers said in a private Facebook group that they wanted to “bring London to a total standstill and remind this government that NOTHING moves or happens in this country unless the people agree to it. gaminator pénz csalások

They added: “If we all commit to this project, London will be gridlocked. You can do this right where you live, it only needs your commitment and your finger! sportfogadas org

The group does boast a healthy 3,600 members but traffic in London was unaffected on Monday. 

The hairbrained scheme to create “gridlock traffic” between 7AM and 10AM, didn’t take into account most pedestrian crossings in London being automated, meaning their button pushing would have no impact.

This follows a string of recent anti-vaxxer protest in the capital with protesters clashing with the Met Police last Friday (September 3) in an attempt to storm a government building in Canary Wharf. totó tippek sportfogadás