Apple Bring Us The New AirPod Max

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

12 Dec 2020

Apples audio hardware line just got one item stronger as the tech company announced the new Airpod Max. Unlike previous generations the AirPod Max boast a striking design ditching the sleek tictac reminiscent look associated with AirPods for a more traditional headphone styling.

The wireless headphones are packed with features, including noise-cancelling technology, spatial audio, and ‘adaptive EQ,’ coming in five different colours.

The $549 over-ear headphones are back-ordered into 2021 in the US however the initial reaction hasn’t been the rousing success the company would or expected.

Many Apple customers have mocked the design and even more were shocked by the high price, with superior offerings from the likes of Sony and Bose at that price point already in the market.