ATO Gets Vulnerable On Coming -Of-Age EP, ‘Side B’

Afoma Andrea

By Afoma Andrea

Afoma Andrea

4 Aug 2022

Leeds-based rapper ATO has returned to our airwaves with his latest project, ‘Side B’.

A follow up to his 2021 ‘Side A’ EP, the second chapter to this story is refreshingly more intimate. Featuring recent singles “Cold” and “Courts” featuring Jay Bahd and new unheard singles “Nu Balance”, “Straight Light” and “Outro”, this highly personal body of work unveils a deeper insight into the Northern rapper.

Furthering this sentiment, ATO explains:

In the time of making SIDE B, I was feeling the fragility of the world around me and found myself more committed to pushing through different feelings and emotions. The project is so desperate to find answers that the honesty is admittedly impulsive and naive at times. I feel that as a result, the vulnerable sides collide with the more resilient moments and give a more holistic reflection on the themes of love, mental health, masculinity, coming of age and pride explored.”

Check out ATO’s ‘Side B’ down below.