Autumn Beat, Italy’s Historical Film On Amazon Prime

Hiba Hassan

By Hiba Hassan

Hiba Hassan

14 Nov 2022

Autumn Beat, Amazon’s latest Original feature film is marking a historical milestone for Italy. The film boasts of being the first in the country to have an all-Black Italian cast. Following the lives of second-generation Italians and two protagonists and brothers, Tito and Paco. Who have the same dream of making it as rappers.

Directed and written by esteemed entrepreneur, Antonio Dikele Distefano, who has been working in the music industry as a manager, creative director, and marketing consultant made it his mission to centre the film around rap. In celebration of the film’s release and its topic, the director has featured numerous freestyles from different regions in Europe saying, “The choice to involve rappers from all over Europe. With bespoke freestyles related to the movie comes from a dream: unite afro-descendant communities in one ‘Afro-European’ culture. We, in fact, often create divisions within countries forgetting that we are all on the same path.

From the UK, VEVO’s 2023 artist to watch, K-Trap will drop a freestyle for the film with the date yet to be confirmed. 

Watch Autumn Beat on Amazon Prime now.