BBC Allow Caller To Go Off On Anti-Gay and N-Word Tirade

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

22 Nov 2020

The BBC is under fire again, as BBC London Radio allowed a caller to hurl hate speech towards Black and Gay people during a live radio broadcast.

A caller claiming to be a Greek man who recently moved to London, launched into a hateful tirade during the November 21 broadcast of the Sunny and Shay show. The caller speaking in a dubious Greek accent said he plays a game in which he is a white nationalist and “kills all the n*****s and gays”. To the surprise of many online the host Sunny didn’t abruptly end the call and even asked the man more questions which the caller ignored in favour of more use of the N-word. gaminátor játékok letöltése

This isn’t the first time this year the BBC has found itself caught up in problems due to hate speech being used on its platforms. sportfogadás könyv Earlier this year a 21 year old, black, male NHS worker was victim of a racially-aggravated hit and run attack. tippmix eredmények foci The BBC’s coverage of the story included the un-censored use of the N-word which caused an uproar amongst the black community. The BBC however doubled down, refusing to issue an apology even after 18,656 official complaints were made the second-most since the BBC began using its current system in 2017.