BBC Set To Scrap All Its African Caribbean & Asian Local Radio Shows

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

14 Nov 2022

The BBC is set to scrap all of its African Caribbean and Asian local radio shows as part of the biggest changes to the corporation’s local programming in a generation.

Last week bosses at the Beeb announced major plans to share programmes and cut jobs on local BBC radio stations in England, a move which Black staff say will see African and Caribbean shows cut from the schedule.

Programmes targeted at these groups air on Sunday nights, exactly when the BBC is planning to decrease its local original programming.

Despite raising their concerns to the company in a recent meeting with senior management, Black staffers remain unconvinced about the BBC’s commitment to serving diverse audiences.

Presenter of the African Caribbean show on BBC Three Counties, Ed Adoo, told The Voice: “We had a meeting with bosses and were told that the BBC is committed to these shows but we have no idea what form or structure this commitment will take. We’re still waiting to hear.”

“I’ve always trusted the BBC to deliver for local audiences, in particular to the listeners of the African Caribbean and Asian shows. However I feel the BBC has really fallen short of its mantra on diversity. These shows are the only platform for Black and Asian communities on BBC Local Radio.

“It hasn’t really reached out to these audiences and told them that there is a commitment to delivering those important stories about the Windrush for example, sickle cell or the Luton or Northampton carnivals, incredible stories which may not necessarily get shared on the mainstream daytime outputs.

“The BBC is a public service broadcaster, its output is funded by the licence fee payers and these audiences have a right to a voice. It just feels like the BBC hasn’t really truly valued African Caribbean and Asian programming on local radio. If they did they would have consulted with these audiences.”