Ben & Jerry’s Pushing To Release Ice Cream With CBD

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

2 Jun 2021

The Consumer Brands Association is bringing lobbying efforts for federal cannabis legislation back to its “front burner,” with companies like Ben & Jerry’s leading the charge.

The funky ice cream makers are one of a multitude of larger brands and companies currently sidelined from moving into the legal marijuana market because of state regulations and other legalities, says Stacy Papadopoulos,

“Most of our large recognizable brands are sitting on the sidelines. They don’t want to subject themselves to lawsuits or, even worse, that something they were doing in the space was not entirely safe for consumers.”

Ben & Jerry’s originally declared their cannabis fuelled intent in May 2019 saying a CBD ice cream was coming … “as soon as it’s legalized at the federal level.”

But with the US improving its Covid situation looking more positive it seems only a matter of time before the big companies step into the limelight.

Michael Blanche, co-founder of Surfside, a data analytics company specializing in cannabis says the big companies will flood the market “the second you can do trade across state borders”.

Jason Navarrete, chief executive officer and founder of Pure Craft CBD, a San Diego-based gummies maker doesn’t feel threatened claiming that the bigger companies “don’t understand the philosophy of this industry. They just look at bottom line.”

Either way the commercial cannabis market is set for a boom whether it’s spearheaded by the innovative newcomers or the established big boys.