Berwyn bares all in new “017 Freestyle.”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

23 Sep 2020

Berwyn has unveiled the visuals to his latest efforts on the “017 Freestyle”.

The London-based rapper is one of the scenes newest and most exciting prospects. And, although the rapper only has released 4 tracks so far, he bares all signs of being an archetype of the classic, real and unapologetic talent that has been scarce in more recent times. Now, Berwyn returns with the “017 Freestyle” adding yet another golden rung onto his ladder to global recognition. 

Glazing the melancholy, hip-hop tinged instrumental with his introspective lyricisms that resonate deeper due to his rugged and growingly impassioned flow; he bares all in his bars, resulting in a clearer glimpse into his past and his deepest thoughts. 

Take in Berwyn’s raw 017 Freestyle up top!