Big Ben Malfunctions For Second Time In A Week Despite 6 Year £80m Refurbishment

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

20 May 2023

London’s iconic landmark Big Ben has malfunctioned twice in a week despite a six year refurbishment project which cost £80m.

The clock which is apart of the Elizabeth Tower failed to produce its famous “bong” after it stopped ticking on May 10 and again on May 17, with all hands freezing for roughly half an hour.

A House of Commons spokesperson said they were aware of the problem and had “quickly”rectified the issue with an “enhanced servicing of the mechanism” carried out shortly afterwards.

The clock dials and bells of the tower were now “functioning as normal and no risks to the integrity of the mechanism have been identified”, they added.

Beginning in 2017 the project went massively over budget and took a year longer than expected to complete.