Birthday Boy Youngs Teflon Performs at The Garage

Shanet Mehari

By Shanet Mehari

Shanet Mehari

3 Oct 2019

He has been referred to as “your favourite rapper’s, favourite rapper,” a claim well deserved by the talented artist. Last night, Youngs Teflon shut down The Garage in Highbury & Islington, London. During his headline show, he was accompanied by some of London’s most talented, including Blade Brown, 6ix7even and K Trap.

He performed a number of tracks and at one point invited a fan, who shared his hometown of Lambeth, on stage to perform the anthem. Earlier today, the rapper expressed how much he enjoyed the show on Twitter with fans hitting back with support.


Youngs Teflon has a lengthy discography with countless mixtapes and albums, testament to his commitment to music. This year the rapper dropped Blood, Swvgg & Tears across 3 weeks which includes anthem “Lambeth” as well as a Mad About Bars freestyle.