Boy Nearly Dies After Swallowing 54 Magnets Trying To Become Magnetic

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

13 Feb 2021

12 year old, Rhiley Morrison, almost cut his life short after he ate 54 magnetic balls in hopes of becoming magnetic. Rhiley was determined to achieve his dream because he managed the feat on two separate occasions.

His goal was to find out if they would make metal stick to his belly – as well as finding out what they’d look like once they’d passed through him.

Four days later Rhiley rightly alarmed realised the balls still hadn’t come out, so told his mum Paige Ward that he swallowed two ‘by accident’. 

Reality struck for him as he spent 10 days unable to move without vomiting up a green liquid caused by his bowel leaking and he had to be fed through a tube.

Paige said: “I was gobsmacked, just speechless when I heard the number he’d swallowed.

“The doctors guessed around 25-30 from the x-ray, but when he came out of surgery they said they got 54. I think what made it harder is that I just didn’t understand how or why he would swallow that many.

“Rhiley is massively into science, he loves experiments, he eventually admitted ‘I tried to stick magnets to me, I wanted to see if this copper would stick to I my belly while the magnets were in’. كازينو قطر It’s just so silly, but he’s a child and that’s what kids do. He also thought it would be fun seeing them come out the other end.”

Rhiley, who has ADHD and autism, had to have six hours of life-saving surgery. After recovering Rhiley has since “taken all of his magnets out of his room”. كازينو888

“Magnets aren’t toys, they shouldn’t be sold as toys. My message to other parents is to just put them in the bin, don’t buy them in the first place”. العاب عمل في الشركة