Brazilian Football Star Hulk Expecting Baby With His Niece

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

20 Sep 2021

Brazilian football star Hulk has announced he is expecting a baby with partner Camila Angelo – the niece of his ex-wife.

Hulk, separated from his wife Iran Angelo, 52, last year and started dating Camila, 32 in late 2019 months after ending his 12-year marriage.

“Today with a heart full of gratitude to GOD, I come to share with you that for the fourth time I am being blessed with another child,” Hulk wrote on Instagram on Saturday.

Accompanied by photos of himself and Camila with ultrasound images the former Zenit man added:

“My heart overflows with so much happiness and I can only say thank you GOD. We are already looking forward to receiving you, child, we love you unconditionally. Come full of health my baby.”

Iran said the relationship caused her “great pain” however, Hulk addressed her allegations of infidelity slamming his former partner for “treating me like a monster”.

“I never had a relationship with Camila when I was married. I am a man. I was not happy in my marriage,” he said.

“I had countless reasons. I spent my entire marriage betraying Iran. She lived a single life. She just wanted to have the status of wife of the Hulk.

A spokesman for the player commented at the time: “Hulk called the parents and the brother of Camila and told them the truth.

“It was Hulk himself who made the information public because he had nothing to hide. His position is transparency and he wants to avoid lies and malicious comments.”