Brazilian Man Leaves Everything He Owns To Neymar Jr In His Will

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

3 Jul 2023

As far as supporters go this Brazilian man wins first prize after leaving everything he owns to Neymar Jr in his will.

The 30-year-old Brazilian fan has tried to give everything to Neymar in the past unsuccessfully but this time was able to get his will signed at a local notary office.

Speaking to Brazilian media outlet Metropoles he said, “I like Neymar, I identify with him a lot. I also suffer with defamation, I am also very family-oriented and the relationship with his father reminds me a lot of mine with my father, who has passed away.

“I am not in very good health and, because of that, I really saw that I don’t have anyone to leave my things to… I wouldn’t want the government or relatives I don’t get along with to take my things,”

“I know that, above all, he is not greedy, something a bit rare these days.”

And why would he be? The Paris Saint-Germain star remains one of the world’s best paid sportsmen, with estimated earnings of $85 million for 2023 according to Forbes.