Britain set for another chicken shortage due to supply issues

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

24 Apr 2021

Leading UK poultry suppliers have warned that another chicken shortage is coming courtesy of an avian flu outbreak in Europe.

Glenn Eastwood, managing director of meats company Birtwistles said it was “urgent and necessary” to alert businesses to potential shortages of poultry from Europe into the UK.

“I don’t want to alarm customers because we will work to fulfill orders – they just might be altered slightly. What we’re saying is there might be a depressed market for some time. The UK supply chain is OK, but demand will go up, and it’s already stretched”, Mr Eastwood said. كازينو على الانترنت

UK consumers will remember the KFC chicken shortage of 2018 which saw it close 500 of its locations. This new shortage however could last up to 12 weeks impacting thousands of hotels and restaurants across the country, just as lockdown restrictions have been relaxed.

Poland, the largest supplier of European Poultry into the UK, had to slaughter more than 20 million chickens last week to reduce the spread. مواقع مراهنات كرة قدم  There isn’t much optimism either with industry analysis site WattPoultry saying the virus “shows no sign of easing”.