British Soulstress Mega returns with “Let Me Let You Go.”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

7 Aug 2020

Remerging after a two year hiatus, British soulstress Mega returns with emotive follow-up single, ‘Let Me Let You Go’.
‘Let Me Let You Go’ commences with fluttering guitar strums and a laidback percussion bottom line, creating the perfect canvas for Mega to paint a picture filled with vulnerability, honesty and longing with her soulful vocal prowess.

Speaking on the track, the singer shares:

“Being vulnerable can be quite a scary thing to do at times, especially when entering new relationships,” Mega explains. “Whether that be a friendship or romantic relationship. ‘Let Me Let You Go’ is about learning to be vulnerable, learning to let go and learning to trust. Sometimes bad past experiences and fear of there being a repetition of those bad experiences makes it difficult to be able to do that – to trust. When you find that something real/ a pure love: hold on to it! Dare to be vulnerable! This song is about embracing that person in your life and being courageous enough to be vulnerable.”

Stream Mega’s debut Let Me Go Let You Go, below and Apple Music.