Brits Will Be Called Up To Fight In War With Russia As Military Is ‘Too Small’, Warns Army Chief

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

24 Jan 2024

British men and women have been told prepared to fight if Nato goes to war with Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. 

Chief of the general staff General Sir Patrick Sanders has relayed to ministers that they may need to “mobilise the nation” in the event of a further escalation by Russia.

While stressing that the military is “too small” Sanders isn’t seeking the return of conscription.

Sanders said: “Our procurement record has been poor and our land industrial base has withered. Furthermore our Army Reserve is not as capable and credible as we need it to be.”

Mandatory military service was first introduced during WW1 via the Military Service Act in 1916, followed up by The National Service (Armed Forces) Act followed in 1939 which required all fighting age men aged between 18 and 41 to join for WW2.

If conscription were to brought back it would be the first time in over 60 years that Brits would be required to fight.