Broken Planet Drop Biggest Restock Of 2024

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

4 Apr 2024

Sustainable streetwear brand Broken Planet have just dropped their biggest restock of 2024. The restock sees the return of fan favourites from collections such as ‘Cosmic Speed’, ‘Trapped In Time’ and many more, giving their fans the chance to get their hands on previously released pieces.

Broken Planet have enjoyed a fantastic start to the year, having dropped two limited releases, ‘Out Of Service’ and ‘Lonely Hearts Vol.3’. They have also released a basics collection and helped D-Block Europe secure a number one album thanks to their limited edition T-Shirt bundle.

Items in this restock have been worn by the likes of Yung Filly, IShowSpeed, and Unknown T. This is a brand with their finger firmly on the pulse of fashion and culture that looks set to take over for the rest of the year.