Burna Boy Reportedly Turned Down $5M Offer To Perform In Dubai Because He Couldn’t Smoke Weed There

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

1 Nov 2023

Nigerian music heavyweight Burna Boy revealed that he recently turned down a $5 million offer to perform in Dubai because he couldn’t smoke there.

In a video showing him free styling during a rehearsal Burna sang: “Just now I turned down Dubai money, 5million dollar na small thing cos me I no dey like to dey go where dem no go gree allow me smoke igbo,”

Emirati law prohibits smoking in parks, beaches and all public recreational areas in Dubai.

In the past Dubai have shown to take their drug laws very seriously with an American jailed in Dubai after doctors found traces of cannabis in his system in 2021.

The Grammy Award-winning singer also launched a cannabis brand called BRKFST in partnership with Jokes Up Ice Kream, a Los Angeles, California dispensary in 2022.