Central Cee Shoots His Shot With New Hit ’Doja’

Hollie May

By Hollie May

Hollie May

25 Jul 2022

With currently over 6 million views on the accompanied Cole Bennett, Lyrical Lemonade directed video, Central has got everyone talking.

The single has been teased for a week or so on the social media platform ‘TikTok’, with currently 180k videos sampling his new track! Initially going viral for the uniquely obscure lyrics, which I am sure everyone who owns a phone has heard already.

As Cee mentions in ‘Doja’ “ UK rap or UK drill, gotta mention my name if you talk bout the genre ”. Any conversations surrounding UK music in general, Central Cee is most definitely the hottest topic within his own right, good or bad… you have to hand it to him, he’s making a statement. The song itself only lasts just over a minute and a half, proving he does not need any longer to make an impact in UK music. His voice, persona and lyricism alone makes him stand out from the crowd. Although he has hinted of a 2nd verse on social media, so who knows what’s awaiting us?

As well as numerous chart soaring singles and 2 successful EPs, Central Cee is the first UK artist to work with iconic music platform Lyrical Lemonade. This state side attention is certainly projecting a worldwide takeover from Cee, who already has a thriving fan base across Europe.

I wonder what is next in store from this lyrical genius? Whatever it may be it will be highly influential. Watch ‘Doja’ music video below!

Lyrical Lemonade directs Central Cee’s new hit!