CEO Of Company Behind Viral Snoop Dogg Marketing Stunt Fired After It Did Not Lead Sales

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

16 Jan 2024

The CEO of the company behind the viral Snoop Dogg smokeless marketing stunt has been replaced after the move failed to lead to sales.

Solo Brands, makers of the smokeless fire pit, announced the executive change up following major marketing investments which did not lead to substantial revenue returns.

The stunt saw rapper, Snoop Dogg, known for his fondness of smoking cannabis, pretend to quit and go “smokeless”.

 John Merris, will “mutually separate” from the company as its president, CEO, and director at the same time and be replaced by former Vista Outdoor CEO Christopher Metz.

In the statement announcing Metz as CEO, interim CFO Andrea Tarbox said:

“While our unique marketing campaigns raised brand awareness of Solo Stove to an expanded and new audience of consumers, it did not lead to the sales lift that we had planned, which, combined with the increased marketing investments, negatively impacted our EBITDA.”

At the time the campaign was seen as a roaring success, landing at #18 on Ad Age’s list of the 40 best ads of 2023.

How much Snoop was paid for his participation in the campaign has not yet been revealed.