Champion DI brings us to “The R” in new video

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

29 Oct 2021

Following an impressive few months which has seen Champion Di release two impeccable singles and a writing credit on Che Lingo’s single ‘Eyes On The Prize’ featuring Tamaraebi, which has gone on to receive a sync placement on FIFA 22. The artist is ready to hit a hat-rick with yet another offering for listeners to sink their teeth into.

 Entitled ”The R”, DI stands up for the place that made him who he is. Expressing the trials and tribulations he has faced as a man, and most importantly the drive he possesses that has allowed him to bounce back time and time again. Underpinned by a feel-good, guitar laden instrumental the rapper uses his lyrics to paint a vivid picture that should be relatable to anyone who is trying to tap into their greatness. 

Listen here!