Chip links with Jamaica’s Vershon for new song “Reality.”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

9 Sep 2020

Vershon has joined forces with Chip to deliver romantic new riddim, titled “Reality.”

With it’s infectious beat tethered to Vershon’s discernibly Jamaican cadence. The record flows freely like a summers breeze as he lays down a sweet and sincere serenade to all the girls who look good “inna real life.”

Followed by Chippy who showcases his versatility through assuming a Jamaican accent across his stellar patois-infused verse. 

“Reality” is set to feature on the Jamaican crooner’s upcoming EP, titled “Only One.” Which houses guest appearance from Trillary Banks, Y Cee and Busy Signal.

Catch the Vershon’s latest track up top!