Clavish makes an impression on his Voice of the Streets freestyle, with Kenny Allstar.

Minou Itseli

By Minou Itseli

Minou Itseli

18 Apr 2019

Yes, Kenny Allstar is back at it again with another freestyle for his Voice of the Streets and Clavish made quite an impression.

We had our eyes on Clavish with tracks like 100mph, All these funds and Again.

Yet, Clavish’s lyrics about his lifestyle highlights a connection, not a ‘reaction’ to his audience. The saying ‘fake it ’til you make it’ adage is a trap that a lot of artists make. Clavish clearly engages his listeners with his transparency.

As usual, Kenny delivered the correct instrumentals to the artists. Clavish made sure he took advantage and most definitely reflected on his lyrics

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