Contactless Card Limit Will Rise To £100 In October

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

27 Aug 2021

Shoppers in the UK will be able to spend up to £100 using contactless card payments from 15 October.

This latest limit upgrade is more than double the previous, which itself as moved from £30-45 juts over a year ago. how long can you safely take ivermectin

David Postings, the chief executive of UK Finance, said contactless payment had proved very popular with consumers with nearly two-thirds of all debit card transactions are made via the tap-and-go technology.

“The increase in the limit to £100 will allow people to pay for higher value transactions like their weekly shop or filling up their car with fuel,” he added.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said: “Increasing the contactless limit will make it easier than ever to pay safely and securely. dr pierre kory flccc As people get back to the High Street, millions of payments will made be simpler, providing a welcome boost for retailers and shoppers. ivermectin 3 mg dsoe