Couple Tried To Smuggle £1M Worth Of Spice Into Jail By Soaking Fake Letters From Lawyers In The Drug

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

15 Sep 2021

Rickie McCullough-Hyett-Brooks, 35, acting as his Girlfriend Emma Meszaros, 30, were caught trying to smuggle infamous drug spice into a UK jail.

Acting as his “secretary” Meszaros sent drugged A4 sheets to inmates in HMP Exeter.

The pair managed to hide the synthetic drug in packs marked ‘Rule 39’ which are legally confidential letters not usually searched.

The innovative duo planned to smuggle £1million worth of ‘zombie’ drug Spice into jail with their soaking tactic but were foiled.

When Police raided McCullough-Hyett-BrooksWorcester residence they found 7.2kg of synthetic cannabinoids (SCRA) worth £254,000 on the open market but up to six-figures in prison.

Before being caught McCullough-Hyett-Brooks managed to smuggle 68 papers infused with Spice on April 4 last year with an estimated value of £50,000 to £63,000.

At Worcester crown court, prosecutor Andrew Davidson called it a “sophisticated drug trafficking operation” and highlighted dangerousness of the drug “40 times more potent than ordinary cannabis”.

McCullough- Hyett-Brooks admitted production and supply of SCRA and possession of criminal property plus MDMA and ketamine for supply.

He was jailed for seven years. Meszaros, who is 34 weeks pregnant, will also serve a 18-month community order.