Def Jam Fighting Game Series Could Be Coming Back

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

15 May 2021

Fans of the iconic Def Jam games could be in for some good news, as former Def Jam president, Kevin Liles hinted at a possible return for the beloved fighting series.

Liles took to his Instagram and Twitter account saying:

“#itsinthename Thinking I should bring back the series,” Liles asked fans. ”How many of y’all would like to see this happen #DefJamEnterprises let me know.”


The first game of its kind Def Jam Vendetta was released in April 2003 as a creative collaborative effort between the legendary Hip Hop label and EA Games with the franchise as a whole selling in the multiple of millions.

It seems that same demand is still there with fans social media voicing their approval for the return of a Def Jam fighting game with some even asking to join the team to help put the new game.

Do you want to see a come back for the Def Jam fighting series ? What about a UK rap fighting game, who should be on the roster ?