Double Lz and Dsavv join forces on a fierce and anthemic offering dubbed “Sliding”

The newest addition to your drill playlist!

June 1, 2020 Rehana Harmony

Together the rappers take over a bumping backdrop – made up of the muffled vibrations of a filtered bassline; stacked with the clashing percussion that sets rhythmic pace throughout. Jumping straight in, Double Lz sets the bar, as he offers up a repetitive hook alongside his street-focused bars which fill the first verse. Leaving no time in between, Dsavv slides through with an alternating flow to his collaborator; as he supplies a verse as equally menacing as the last, this contrasts massively with his slightly soft and pitchy projection. 

Visually, we see the pair soak up the spotlight while showing off their brotherly chemistry. Giving confident performances and reciting the tracks lyrics. 

Catch the visual for Sliding up top!