Drivers Can Be Fined For Having Messy Cars

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

11 Apr 2022

Drivers in the UK have been warned they could be hit with a fine if their car is too dirty.

“Driving without due care and attention”, can see police give you a £100 on-the-spot fine and three penalty points on your licence.

While there is no specific law against keeping your car filthy, it is against the law and a safety hazard if the clutter poses a risk to your ability to drive.

In more serious cases you could find yourself in court facing a staggering £2,500 fine or even a driving ban. 

Halfords car cleaning buyer, Jamie Louram, told the Express: “Whilst there is no fine for having a messy interior, clutter if bad enough can also fall under the careless driving rule leading to a fine of up to £100,”

“As a general rule, keep your car clutter-free to avoid any dangerous situations such as things getting stuck under the brake pedal or blocking your view,”

Continuing: “Any kind of dirt or grime on the windscreen can be incredibly dangerous as it can impact your view of the road ahead,”

“In some instances having a dirty windscreen could be seen as careless driving and land motorists with a fine of up to £100 and points on the licence if an accident occurs as a result”.