Eazydoe leaves an impression with his latest track – Wingstop

Minou Itseli

By Minou Itseli

Minou Itseli

6 Aug 2019

The Greenwich, southeast London rapper – Eazydoe, dropped his first single, Wingstop, this week. The rapper gives us a mellow and chilled sound but honest and relatable lines 

The track displays vibes for just three minutes over the melodic for the ladies and highlights on numerous of wordplay and narratives about sweet-one.

Wingstop despite being his first single, the track is capable to catch the attention from people. Eazy doe gave us a catchy chorus – wingstop has a lot hot topics throughout the verses from being a serious candidate to flying your bae out.


“Wingstop” is a certified hit and is due to be featured on playlists and social media posts all summer long. Eazydoe is due to release a visual to this track which is exciting to see the track come to life. The 23 year old showed us why he is one to look out for this year. 

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So, make sure you guys check it out and let’s us know your thoughts.