Enny shows love to all the “Peng Black Girls” in uplifting new single featuring Amia Brave.

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

16 Oct 2020

Emerging artist ENNY has arrived with all-new single “Peng Black Girls”, which features talented songstress – Amia Brave.

The South-East Londoner shines through this record as reels off her wittiest and most true-to-life tales, which give us a glimpse into ENNY’s hopes for the future while raising up black women and men on her verses. Following, is Amia who comes through with soothing tones which she smothers across the hook; providing a buttery break from the wordsmiths intricate lyrics.

Sharing the concept of “Peng Black Girls”, ENNY sayss “PBG was written from a place of my subconscious. Looking at my family, friends or even random women and just thinking wow, society and your own culture will tell you you’re not beautiful because your skin is a certain shade, or your features don’t look a certain way.

“Now looking back at it, PBG was the beginning of me not caring and just being happy as I am – a complicated British Nigerian girl from south-east London with some very African features.”

Listen to Peng Black Girls up top!