Photoroom Launch ‘Ex-Terminator’ AI Tool

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

3 May 2024

Photoroom have teamed up with OkCupid to launch ‘The Ex-Terminator’ – a new AI tool to remove ex partners from old photographs. Research has suggested that 54% of Gen Z and 50% of Millennials have a photo of themselves they’d like to erase an ex from, with this tool giving people the option to do just that.

Once users upload an image to the Ex-Terminator tool, they can use the magic brush to “paint” over their former flame, and Photoroom’s proprietary AI will remove the unwanted ex and fill in the background of the image. The tool is free to use and aims to empower single people to move on from previous relationships.

Lauren Sudworth, Photoroom’s Head of Brand, commented:

“Whether it’s to heal and move on or to salvage a good photo, millions of folks want to erase their exes from old pictures”.