Fans flood J Hus with messages of love and support following concerning Snapchat posts

Shanet Mehari

By Shanet Mehari

Shanet Mehari

2 Oct 2019

Legendary UK artist J Hus has been trending on Twitter as a result of supportive fans today. The wave of support comes in light of recent messages that the rapper shared on his Snapchat referencing “understanding/overstanding death” as well as wanting to speak with his late father. Nevertheless, he reassured fans that he was not in any state of stress and that his upcoming album will not disappoint by any measure.

This comes following J Hus’ release from jail in April which excited the masses as he hit the O2 for Drake’s Assassination Vacation tour hours within hours of his release. J Hus references his regret for taking part in activities that harmed others, especially black men. He further affirms his belief in his community’s potential for success.

Nevertheless, we all come together in championing the MOBO and NME award winning artist.