Fera Unveil Their ‘Extra Strong’ SS24 Capsule Set

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

8 Mar 2024

An ode to British living and Country Pubs all in one, a season comprised of elevated staples in their finest form, London brand Fera has today unveiled their “Extra Strong” SS24 capsule collection.

Fera is a love letter to the British outdoors; bridging the gaps between the fashion world and what the world of nature has to offer, the strong culture of hills, hiking and extreme endurance has become what the great outdoors has somewhat been reduced to. Carrying the torch for outdoor culture longevity, Fera goes above and beyond to respect the initial outdoor pursuits but continues to pioneer in modern-day a whole different sense of outdoor culture.

The new drop looks to bridge pub culture with outdoor culture, and Fera say :

“A haven, a temple of communion, a sanctuary from the elements, the birthplace of many a nickname, idea or plan, and if you’re lucky a purveyor of fine ales and questionable snacks. The pub is something different to each of us. For Fera, it is all of these and a crucial part of any day in our great outdoors. Whether it is a halfway inn or the elongated full stop at the end of the day, the country pub and it’s urban cousin, deserves to be celebrated. With Extra Strong, our first product drop of 2024, we are doing exactly that.”

The new range can be found at the link here and a link to the lookbook is here.