Kick Game, Versus, and Emirates FA Cup Team Up For ‘The Final Cut’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

2 Jun 2023

Luxury sneaker retailer Kick Game collaborated with the Emirates FA Cup and Versus to bring two exclusive events to their stores in Manchester and Covent Garden. The FA Cup trophy travelled down from Manchester to Kick Game’s London store on Thursday, where ‘The Final Cut’ event saw a host of names come together in celebration of the most historic tournament in football.

The event featured a FIFA tournament where the winning contestant could win a pair of trainers of their choice, as well as a mobile barbershop and drinks supplied by Brixton Brewery. The main attraction however was a panel and Q&A hosted by Chuckie, who was accompanied by Mist, esteemed DJ Kennedy Taylor, and Esports Premier League winner Shellz to discuss Saturday’s upcoming final and the two teams involved.

Those attending were also treated to a guest appearance from IShowSpeed, one of the world’s biggest Youtubers and a key figure in youth football culture thanks to his viral FIFA videos. Speed played FIFA against some of the guests and posed with the FA Cup, bringing the history of the tournament to a new audience.

This collaboration with the FA Cup and VERSUS aimed to transform the competition from an on pitch exhibition to an off pitch celebration of football, fashion, and culture. Kick Game’s ‘Sneaker Shopping’ videos featuring the likes of Eddie Nketiah and Morgan Gibb-White demonstrates their position at the intersection of sport and fashion, making the event a resounding success.