Former Drill Rapper TY CGM Switches Life And Career From Musician To Animal Enthusiast & Educator

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

20 Feb 2024

Having recently travelled to the Amazon where he collaborated with some of the biggest wildlife personalities amongst youth culture, many may be surprised when hearing that former drill rapper Ty CGM has transitioned to a career as a wildlife enthusiast.

Now operating with an incredibly dynamic and widespread audience at his fingertips, Ty looks to use his platform to educate and bring society closer to nature, further safeguarding wildlife for generations to come. An integral aspect of the world that can ofen be underrepresented in modern-day society, especially amongst the youth, Ty’s wokeness and motivation to contribute to wildlife longevity paves the way for many others to also assist in the education of such a topic.

Speaking on his influence within British society today, Uncle Kwabz states “TYs journey has motivated my personally career and is an excellent reminder that yesterday doesn’t necessarily define your tomorrow. Courage and passion to learn and educate has provided priceless content that I have shared with older and younger members of my family. Truly making the world of David Attenborough relatable to concrete council estate natives such as myself, thank you TY”.