France Threatens To Cut The UK’s Power Off Over Fish

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

5 Oct 2021

France have suggested that they maybe inclined to cut off the UK’s power following another stumbling block in its fishing wars with their coastal neighbour.

Sparked by Jersey only giving out fishing permits for 12 out of 47 recent applications by French fishermen, European Affairs Minister Clement Beaune told broadcaster Europe 1 that France had tried “being nice” and that they “will not stand for this” anymore.

European Union states will, within days, announce measures to apply pressure on Westminster to comply with Brexit agreements formed when Britain left the European Union on December 31st 2020.

Beaune did not express fully what those measures would be, but remarked on Britain’s dependence on the continent of Europe for its energy supplies.

“Enough already, we have an agreement negotiated by France, by Michel Barnier, and it should be applied 100 percent. It isn’t being,” he said.

“In the next few days, and I talked to my European counterparts on this subject yesterday, we will take measures at the European level or nationally, to apply pressure on the United Kingdom,”

He added: “We defend our interests. We do it nicely, and diplomatically, but when that doesn’t work, we take measures. For example, we can imagine, since we’re talking about energy, … the United Kingdom depends on our energy supplies,”

“It thinks that it can live all alone, and bash Europe.”