Fraudster Runs Up £175k Spend In 5 Weeks Before Man City Winger Riyad Mahrez Notices

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

11 Feb 2021

A fraudster in 5 weeks managed to spend just over £175k on Premier League winger Riyad Mahrez’s card before he noticed.
The Algerian who clearly makes a decent living for himself, fell victim to truck driver Sharif Mohammed from East Ham, London. The story reads as follows, someone posing as Mahrez called Barclays Bank to order a new card in the footballer’s name, with the card some how falling into the hands of Mohammed who then traveled to Leicester to withdraw cash in the hopes of not raising any suspicion.

In the 5 weeks Mohammed had access to the card he definitely enjoyed himself. He splashed out on takeaways, trips to Aspers Casino in Westfield, stayed at the Shangra La hotel in the Shard, bought £1000 Amiri jeans and even managed to fit in a £20,000 holiday to Ibizia.

Fraudster Sharif Mohammed leaving Snaresbrook Crown Court

Former Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville told The Sun: ‘The most amazing thing is that someone can blow £175,000 on a bank card without the loser even realising.

‘Why on earth would an elite footballer be spending at fast food joints and Britain’s favourite steak bake supplier? ‘Banks are normally very quick off the mark to spot unusual spending but if the sums were low then it probably wouldn’t flag up.’

His barrister Daniel Higgins said at Snaresbrook Crown Court that Mohamed was “drinking and taking drugs” during this period of his life, so “his ability to recall in detail is rather limited.” Urging for a suspended sentence Higgins said his client was now ‘living a modest life’ after getting married.

He will be sentenced later this month.