French R&B Artist Taloula Tackles Emotional Dependency On Latest Single, Quick Fix Love

Afoma Andrea

By Afoma Andrea

Afoma Andrea

13 Jan 2022

London-based, Soul/R&B artist Taloula has released the visual for her latest single ‘Quick Fix Love’.

Though her first time directing a music video, Taloula has managed to produce a striking piece of filmmaking that is sure to bring delight to fans. Co-directed with Jack Thompson, the visual is refreshingly simplistic in nature. Centering on the topic of “emotional dependency”, the beautifully choreographed aerial dance remains the main vehicle of her storytelling. Each movement made by Taloula and dancers Josh Denyer, Darius Drooh and Camille Corgeron, highlights the intense human desire for relationships whether platonic or romantic.

“This video was a huge challenge for me, personally as it was my first time directing a music video, and also as we technically chose to do a single shot with a film camera. With Zack we imagined these sequences highlighting the dependence on others. The intensity of the movement shows the hold people can sometimes have over you.”

I talk about how I’ve always been dependent on others, whether in my romantic or professional life, putting aside my opinions and needs. Subconsciously, I never allowed myself to think for myself, always needing the approval or direction of others.” – Taloula

Taken from her debut EP ‘The Evolution of Taloula’, the single features alongside other highlight tracks ‘Find My Way’, ‘Keep on Tryin’’ and ‘Ready For This Moment’.

Make Sure To Catch Taloula’s Quick Fix Love Visual Above!