Fullypaid Calls On The Country Dons For All-New Fresh Garms!

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

22 Jan 2021

Posing as a reputable brand within the culture, Fullypaid have kicked started what’s looking to be yet another successful year with a brand new set of pieces as shown by fellow Southern rappers the Country Dons.

Following on from there Box Park appearance last year, Fullypaid have been making subtle yet effective moves that have seen them gain attention from many of your favorite rappers, personalities and actors!

Joining forces with the Country Dons made up of Marco, Blaze and Rokky who have collectively racked up over 30 million views, Fullypaid are bringing back the highly-requested utility vest (as seen above) alongside a brand new Og tracksuit. Catching the eyes of many, this campaign is yet another mile-stone in Fullypaid’s every growing journey to success.

Set to return back to Box Park later this year in July, keep an eye out for more hot drops!

The tracksuit and utility vest are dropping this Sunday (24th) at 1pm, make sure you don’t miss out! You can check out the website here.