German Parliament Officially Legalises The Recreational Use Of Cannabis

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

23 Feb 2024

Germany has officially legalised cannabis within it’s borders today as the Bundestag passed a law allowing individuals and voluntary associations to grow and hold limited quantities of the drug.

The new law will see over-18s in Germany will be allowed to possess substantial amounts of cannabis and legally smoke in public as soon as April 1.

However smoking cannabis near schools and sports grounds, will still be illegal.

As for getting your hands on the liberated drug, cannabis production will be allowed for members of so-called cannabis clubs with no more than 500 members, all of whom must be adults.

Unfortunately tourists are excluded.

Growing your own cannabis will also be permitted, with up to three marijuana plants allowed per household.

Smokers can have 25g of cannabis on them in public spaces and up to 50g at home.

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said the point of the move was to cut into organised crime profits, black markets and protect consumers from contaminated weed.

“We have two goals: to crack down on the black market and improved protection of children and young people,”

The 4.5 million Germans who are estimated to use cannabis will join just nine other nations who enjoy the privilege of using the drug recreationally.