Get paid to talk on Twitter: Twitter announce plan to let creators sell entry tickets for rooms on Spaces

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

4 May 2021

Twitter announced a raft of prospective changes to its new Spaces feature including allowing for creators to make their spaces rooms pay to listen.

Dubbed ‘Ticketed Spaces’ the bird app said: “we’re working on a way for hosts to be rewarded for the experiences they create and for listeners to have exclusive access to the convos they care about most. soon, we’ll test ticketed Spaces with a small group where hosts can set ticket prices and quantity.”

However this is not the only change coming to Clubhouse competitor. The company also announced that “everyone with 600 or more followers can host a Space” as well as being able to co-host and schedule rooms, things users were previously unable to do.

With clubhouse seemingly falling by the wayside, and Instagram getting in on the audio driven social networking act will these changes to Spaces be a success ?