Giovanna Mae + Brenda Juliet Launch MyBlaqBook Agency With Blanco, V9 + More On Roster

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

22 Jul 2021

Giovanna Mae and Brenda Juliet have each made waves within the British music and entertainment scene. Years of experience and cultivating key relationships has led to their newly-launched ‘MYBLAQBOOK’ PR agency – with Blanco, V9, NSG and more on their roster. 

The pair’s background across music PR and editorial allows for collaborations with major labels and PRS, in a quest to promote diversity and create opportunities for both leading and underground talents. 

In an official statement, Giovanna and Brenda said: “As we know, the music industry is heavily male-dominated, so being two Black women leading an agency is a start in breaking these norms – bypassing such glass ceilings. By signing with Keychange, we commit to actively striving for change by being the change.” 

Congratulations to both women.