Gorilla Glue Girl Still Can’t Get It Out Of Her Hair So Plans To Sue

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

9 Feb 2021

The 40 year old lady who went viral on social media for slicking back her hair with known adhesive “Gorilla Glue” has lawyered up, as weighs up plans to sue the company.

After spending 22 hours in the ER with healthcare workers putting acetone on her head, she was instructed to go back home and try there. Unfortunately for her the rubbing alcohol has not worked and so her next course of action it seems is to use the courtroom.

According to TMZ, Tessica Brown or #GorillaGlueGirl as you may know her has hired an attorney with the basis of the suit being that she was mislead by the label on the product. According to Tessica the label only said do not use on eyes, skin or clothing … with no mention of hair.

Gorilla Glue however don’t seem too fussed with Tessica’s ambitions releasing a statement saying that they were glad that she was receiving medical attention and that they wish her all the best.

If she does actually see through her plans to sue she’ll need a lot more in legal fees than the $13,000 she’s made through her gofundme.

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