Grandad With £500k Will Leaves Only £50 Each To Grandkids Because They Didn’t Visit Enough

Jesse Williams

By Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

10 Apr 2024

A grandad left his five grandchildren £50 each from his £500,000 will after being “disappointed” that they did not visit him enough.

Frederick Ward Snr left almost all of his £500,000 fortune, including his flat worth £450,000, to two of his children when he died in 2020.

He discounted his dead son Fred Jr’s five daughters, saying he was upset they hadn’t visited him when he was hospitalised with a lung condition.

After hearing of his change of heart Fred’s five granddaughters – Carol Gowing, Angela St Marseille, Amanda Higginbotham, Christine Ward and Janet Pett – sued and claimed they were entitled to a third of their late grandad’s money.

In their argument, the grandchildren asserted that their aunt and uncle had “unduly influenced” their grandfather which resulted in this decision being made.

High Court judge Master James Brightwell has now ruled the 2018 will was ‘entirely rational, adding that the grandchildren had ‘very limited contact’ with their grandfather.